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Ricardo Strategic Consulting is where talented and motivated professionals develop rapidly in their careers, while taking on a steady stream of new and complex challenges.

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From the start, you will be a valued asset in our team and fully integrated into diverse, client-facing projects. As your career at RSC progresses, you will manage increasingly complex work, lead project teams and become a valued advisor to our clients.

Read on to learn about our roles at RSC and what your career path might look like.

Business Analyst

At RSC, a Business Analyst is a fully-fledged consultant and member of a project team right from day one.

Typically, your tasks will include:

  • Working on individual project assignments and taking over responsibilities for discrete project modules
  • Conducting qualitative research and interviews
  • Performing market and data analysis
  • Developing client presentations

During this phase you will learn all the skills of the consulting trade by closely working with more experienced project team members, and through targeted training modules. You will work on a wide variety of projects and take on increasing responsibility for project delivery.

Business Analysts will typically aim to be promoted to Consultant level after 2-3 years in their role.


Consultants at Ricardo are the core of a consulting team and lead substantial portions of the engagement, from pre-proposal research through to final implementation.

Our Consultants manage tasks such as:

  • Responsibility for one or more project modules
  • Performing high-value qualitative and quantitative research
  • Synthesizing conclusions into recommendations
  • Supporting senior team members in delivering presentations
  • Working with senior team members to implement project recommendations

Like the Business Analyst role, during this phase you will continue to learn all the skills of the consulting trade by closely working with more experienced project team members, and through targeted training modules. When Consultants are ready for the next level of responsibility, they move on to the Manager level.


Managers are central figures within our organization. As a Manager you will truly own the client problem and often form the hub of a specific assignment.

Managers hold an important role at every stage of the project, and typical tasks might include:

  • Overall responsibility for project delivery or for specific project modules in large, complex projects
  • Structuring and managing the project process for the assigned modules
  • Operational project management in relation to clients and colleagues
  • Working with senior management to develop project proposals and advance client development initiatives
  • Preparing and delivering high-impact presentations

Vice President (US)/Principal and Vice President (EU)

Vice Presidents / Principals at Ricardo are widely recognized for their expertise in their chosen area of specialization.

As a seasoned expert you will use your profound experience and knowledge to manage tasks such as:

  • Delivering large and complex projects
  • Analyzing and interpreting new or emerging client needs and turning them into successful projects
  • Assuming full client relationship responsibility with specific business development targets
  • Engaging strongly in personnel management and development

President (US)/Managing Director (EU)

At the most senior level, Presidents / Managing Directors actively shape the face of Ricardo Strategic Consulting. Our Presidents and Managing Directors are recognized thought leaders in their area of expertise and are sought out by clients and colleagues alike for this. As a President or Managing Director at RSC you will have to have a proven track record of succeeding in client projects, winning business, as well as demonstrating excellent leadership skills and have the ability to inspire.

Presidents and Managing Directors drive the achievement of RSC business objectives at the market unit and client level, additionally they often bear responsibility for specific fields of expertise. They also take the lead in areas such as strategic business and personnel development.