Lubos Herbst

Project Manager, Prague Technical Centre

My role

Being part of the engines business unit at Ricardo I have primary responsibility for the delivery of engine programs for customers worldwide. From the point the project is confirmed, I work very closely with the client, with our internal teams (including mainly designers, analysists and experts from all various departments) and other project stakeholders to manage planning, communication, timelines and resourcing to make sure we deliver our projects within the necessary time, budget and quality standards to  customers. I also work with the business development team, consulting on new proposals, creating timing plans and proper allocation of human, financial and material resources.

For many years, program management was a centralized resource at Ricardo, which gave me a lot of exposure across our diverse service portfolio. Our client base is really broad – covering defense, marine, rail, energy and environment, government, passenger and commercial vehicles. And for each of those client types, we provide many different types of engineering services and strategic consulting.

My background

I graduated in 2002 at the Technical University of Ostrava in Materials engineering. My study and diploma thesis was focused on new technical materials research, development, technology and manufacturing processes. In 2012 I completed my MBA studies at the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh.

I joined Ricardo in early 2012 after 10 years in automotive, working for various OEMs (JLR, Ford, Volvo, VW Group, GM) as Tier-1 supplier. My job and professional career went on to fulfill many interesting roles mainly in research and development of new products together with very close contact and cooperation with the R&D activities of my customers. I was involved in project & program management, technical sales, marketing, key account management and business development activities. I was very close to prototype manufacturing and serial production processes as well. This gave me an excellent opportunity to understand and fully experience the complete product life cycle from initial conceptual ideas, through virtual development of the new product, first prototype build, testing, validation and introduction into serial production.

During several international assignments I gained extensive experience in working in a multicultural environment. Besides English, I also learned Spanish and German when working and living in Mexico and Germany.

Working at Ricardo

After 10 years working in automotive Tier 1 supplier R&Ds, I joined Ricardo and I realized that everything actually starts here. I had the impression that working in Tier 1/OEM new product development is the peak of your career. But, it is actually Ricardo who makes the first sketches and draws the first initial ideas on the paper of a new engine, transmission, hybrid drive unit or vehicle suspension part. The life cycle of many new products begins in a Ricardo Technical Centre.

What is really exciting when working at Ricardo is that one has the opportunity to be involved in a variety of interesting projects, where all of them are different, it is often something completely new that has not been developed and produced before.

Ricardo gathers highly skilled, educated and very intelligent people from the market. Basically, the best experts specialized in all different areas of new products design & development, thermal, structural, combustion, fluids analysis, software development, hybrid technologies and many others all work here. Ricardo represents a very impressive concentration of the best talent, amazing team spirit and very positive attitude that I have not seen anywhere else. Every day, people at Ricardo are fully committed to creating new products, bringing them to the market and making our world better.

Aspirations for the future

I’m always happy to review every professional opportunity that can help in my personal development and progress my career at Ricardo. There are opportunities for both lateral and vertical movement at Ricardo in all areas of technical consulting, engineering services, program management and new business development. 

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