Lukas Placek

Principal Software Engineer

My role

I work for the department of Ricardo software, which develops different simulation tools for usage in the automotive industry. With several colleagues in the Czech Republic and Great Britain, we are developing the software package VECTIS, which is used for the modelling of the flow of fluids. My specialization is in geometric problems and the automatic generation of the computational mesh; however, sometimes I touch also the area of the development of the graphical user interface. I develop the code primarily in C ++; I use Boost and Qt libraries, and only rarely I am compelled to write pieces of code in FORTRAN, which is (for historical reasons) used in solvers of VECTIS product.

In addition to the development work, I am leading horizontally our software department in Prague. In recent years, our department has doubled, so now there are more than thirty of us. My job is to lead this department in the organizational aspect. I ensure that the staff have what they need for their work and interview candidates for our positions.

My background

I studied Automatic Control at Technical University in Brno. Along with my studies I worked part time for a company engaged in modelling of processes in the extrusion of plastic profile; first, I worked there as a tester and soon as a software developer. After completion of my master studies, I continued with my doctorate at Tomas Bata University in Zlín in the field of the modelling phenomena in polymer processing. And since I dealt not only with the mathematical modelling during my studies, but I touched also the field of the automatic mesh generation, I became a good candidate for the company of Ricardo, which had been looking for someone with experience in this area. I joined Ricardo in 2003 and since then I have been continually working in the automatic mesh generation field.

Working at Ricardo

The company has always behaved very well towards me. Ricardo has helped me whenever I needed to balance my work with my private life. Ricardo does not underestimate the importance of education in my field, so every year I may visit the international conference International Meshing Roundtable. Thanks to this, I have already seen a lot of interesting places in the world, especially big cities in the USA. What I consider to be a great advantage of working with us is the great exposure to English language. I see it with everyone joining us: during first few months they dramatically improve their English.

Aspirations for the future

Of course I see my future in Ricardo. Our company is doing very well and our software department even better. I have already grown a strong emotional relationship with programs and libraries that I have developed here. How could I be happier somewhere else?

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