Martin Kofron

Senior Electronics Hardware Design Engineer

My role

I am a proud member of the Hybrid and Electronic Systems group which focuses mainly on the design and analysis of various automotive electronic control units including battery management systems.

Being a hardware design engineer, I support hardware projects from early concept phases through to functional prototypes and manufacturing. This includes concept definition and key component selection, then schematics capture, PCB layout, design analysis and prototype manufacturing. Once the prototypes arrive, my work continues with perhaps the most exciting phase - debugging and testing. This phase is usually full of surprises and ‘Eureka!’ moments.

I have taken part in both commercial and R&D projects for various customers ranging from universities and small research groups to major car manufacturers.

My background

I have always leaned more toward all that techie stuff rather than sports or arts which becomes clear immediately anytime I try to sing, draw a picture or kick a ball.

I have a master’s degree in Electronics Design from Czech Technical University.

I have been with Ricardo since I graduated. In fact, I had joined Ricardo as a part timer one year before finishing my studies in 2012 and have been working there since.

Working at Ricardo

Since joining Ricardo as a fresh graduate, I have taken advantage of the Ricardo graduate programme which helps fresh graduates get experience and provide guidance from senior colleagues which I found extremely useful. Not to mention the graduate rotation programme which enables you to spend 6 months living and working abroad in one of the Ricardo engineering offices around the world.

When asked what do I like the most about working at Ricardo, two things always come to mind: Firstly, working there means that you have the precious opportunity of working on clean-sheet designs – you literally start with a blank paper and it’s entirely up to you and your team to come up with ideas, solve problems and eventually bring your design to life.

Secondly, people at Ricardo are smart and very enthusiastic about their jobs which creates a very relaxed and motivating atmosphere. You won’t really see the infamous ‘I’m the boss so what I say is true no matter what’ attitude around here.

Aspirations for the future

I’m more than happy to stay with Ricardo because exciting projects are still coming in, I’m still learning something new and most importantly: the omnipresent enthusiasm for what we do hasn’t decreased even a tiny little bit.

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