Nada Rehakova

HR Manager

I work as an HR Manager in Ricardo Prague with a team of female and male colleagues, as well as friends who have extensive expertise and whose main advantage is the team spirit, confidence and passion for what they do.

I joined the company after my maternity leave and one of my main requirements was time flexibility, so that I could balance work and family. Ricardo complied with my needs and offered me to work partly from the office and partly from home. Using the latest technologies, our company offers excellent job opportunities to students, graduates, professionals, women, parents, seniors, foreigners, people with special needs – to all those who want to do meaningful work. Work became my hobby. I meet great and intelligent people every day, with whom it is a pleasure to cooperate.

There are more than 200 of us working in Prague, join us and you will find out that working in Ricardo is worth it!

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