Tomas Rabik

Principal Engineer/Team Leader Transmission

My role

I manage the Department of Transmission Design in the Prague office of Ricardo. My task is to organize the work of the team, to communicate not only with the other branches of our company but also with our customers and suppliers. Within our projects, I am responsible for the design solutions proposed by our team. And I am happiest in technical discussions with my colleagues, in front of a computer screen with CAD or with a pencil and a sketchbook at solving a tricky problem.

In our department, we design transmission systems for various applications, ranging from a small motorcycle, passenger car transmissions and up to transmissions for trucks, tractors, and rail vehicles. There is experience with racing gearboxes and with sports cars. Recently, automatic or double-clutch transmissions dominate, and we have been working increasingly on hybrid systems.

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience with transmission design our team can now able to deliver design solutions for complete transmissions. The most complex parts include things such as hydraulic casings of automatic transmissions. Our work covers the entire spectrum of developmental tasks, from initial sketches to production drawings.

My experience

I graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU Prague in 1998. Construction of cars attracted me already during my studies. Moreover, I met a leading Czech car racer, who is still my great friend. He directed me to a small design office that developed transmissions for race and competition cars. Just one weekend spent in the stalls of the Brno circuit were enough to connect my two big hobbies in one: sport with an interest in technology. With the team of my friend, I began to travel through European circuits and gained experience as a racing engineer.

After graduation I continued to work as a constructor of racing transmissions and I am still grateful for the experience I gained there. I truly recommend motorsport to every novice engineer as a great training.

Working at Ricardo

In 2001, I was attracted by the opportunity to get experience in an international company, and I joined the newly established Prague branch of Ricardo. Since there was not yet any transmission design team in Prague in 2001, I joined the Department of Engine Design. I concluded my eight years of activity among engine designers by long-term stays in research centres of our customers – at Ford in Great Britain and GM in Italy.

After my return to Prague I joined the newly opened Department of Transmission Design where I am until today. I have had the honour of managing this department since 2014.

What I really enjoy at working at Ricardo is the possibility to be present at the birth of new ideas. But I value the time spent with the creators even more. That means with colleagues not only here in Prague but also in Great Britain – the home of our mother company and a place where I travel often.

Working for a consulting company like Ricardo has a big advantage in its diversity. Customers and their requirements keep changing and it brings the opportunity to constantly learn new things. The giant automobile concerns have the tendency to bring up narrow specialists but they pay the price of losing the overall technical overview. Here in Ricardo, we have brought many ground-breaking ideas to life precisely thanks to the possibility of combining experience from various areas. It is the only way for a hybrid flywheel drive to get from Formula 1 into an excavator or a locomotive!

Future plans

The whole of Ricardo is expanding and the same is true for our Prague office. I have the amount of quality engineers, and number of new ideas and possibilities for the future in mind. And I simply enjoy being part of it.

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