Energy & Environment Graduate

Within Energy & Environment, each member of the team has a valued role to play. Whether you join us as a consultant, technical specialist, IT expert or as part of our business support community, everyone's contribution is recognised. We encourage employees to proactively develop their skills within the business to mutual benefit.


Retaining and developing talent ensures that we keep delivering a high-performance service for our clients. If you join Ricardo Energy & Environment, you will join a stimulating working environment where people are encouraged to proactively develop their careers through assignment-led learning and complementary training. As part of our team, we can offer you:

  • The chance to learn from and grow with likeminded colleagues
  • Training tailored to your career needs and aspirations
  • An environment that supports you in establishing or continuing an exciting, long-term career
  • Opportunities to influence and develop international environmental projects and policies
  • Opportunities to meet new people and travel

People are our most valued asset, and to ensure that employees can work to their maximum potential, we provide specialist People Managers for them to work together with in order to identify and develop their individual career and development plans. Our services cover the breadth of the environmental and sustainability agenda, which includes:

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"I still feel fully supported by the company and continue to be given access to further training and development opportunities."

Ellie Kilroy, now a Climate Change Consultant, has shared her experience of being on Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Young Professionals Programme, having joined the business as an Analyst Consultant:
“I joined Ricardo in March 2015, around the time Ricardo Energy and Environment’s Young Professional Programme first started. The programme has largely consisted of workshops, where a group of around 20 to 30 analyst consultants meet to learn about topics such as project management, business development, progression, and much more.

As well as the workshops, we have organised various out-of-work events (usually involving some food and a good pub!) and lunch-time meetings to give each other insight in to what we’re all getting up to at work. These lunchtime meetings have been really useful in understanding the diversity of work across the business.

The programme itself has really helped with understanding how the business works, what is expected of an analyst consultant, how to progress, and, most importantly for me, getting to know the other graduates. Having now completed the Young Professional Programme, I still feel fully supported by the company and continue to be given access to further training and development opportunities.”

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