Gill Pabst: Internal Communications & Engagement Manager

Gill Pabst: Internal Communications & Engagement Manager

Read below to find out more about Gill's journey to becoming our Internal Communications & Engagement Manager. 


What do you look forward to at work?

Working with such a passionate and committed team, from my immediate team of Communications experts, to the Human Resources team with whom I work very closely,  the Business Managers and the wonderful consultancy staff who are so passionate about their vision to build a world where people can live sustainably. I am seriously in awe of all they know, do and achieve. 

What’s your most recent accomplishment at work?

Working with colleagues to design and implement a reverse mentoring scheme which will allow some of our future leaders to mentor our senior leadership team on the issues faced by women in the day to day operations of our company. It's been hard work, has required us all to be vulnerable at times, but has been key to a culture shift at work. Working flexibly during a pandemic has had its challenges for everyone, but we have managed to maintain open, honest and regular communications from the top down and the bottom up and I am very proud of that.

How have you been able to develop your career since joining Ricardo?

I was initially employed as a Sales Analyst back in 2008 and carried this role out alone for around 6 years. I was then redeployed to the Marketing Team and over the last six years have worked in various roles, starting as Communications Executive, becoming Team Leader and since January 2019 I became Internal Communications & Engagement Manager, which involves working closely with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure the business is fully informed of the vision, mission and strategy of the business, including business performance, new initiatives which talk about wellbeing and DEI, and maintaining all internal communications channels.

What do you find most rewarding about working at Ricardo?

The opportunities to develop your skills are incredible, and personally being given the opportunity to be the first person from our organisation to attend the Springboard development programme for women in 2016 has transformed not only career, but my mindset. I am a passionate advocate for personal development and would encourage anyone interested in joining our business to consider the many opportunities to develop and grow.