Trish Sturgess: Bid Project Leader

Trish Sturgess: Bid Project Leader

Read below to find out more about Trish's experience as a Bid Project Leader here at Ricardo.


What makes you want to stay at Ricardo?

Professionally, it looks like there will be lots of room for career development and variety at Ricardo, and I’m hoping to build further knowledge of the Energy and Environment sector (which will support me in completing an MSc in Environmental Management).
On a more personal note, the emphasis on employee wellbeing and appreciation of the need for a work-life balance is refreshing. Blocking out time in the diary for lunchtime walks or runs seems to be accepted as a normal part of the culture here.

Is there a single feature of working here that has exceeded your expectations?

I have been impressed by the organisation’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and willingness to discuss these issues openly from senior leadership downwards. This is demonstrated as much by employee forum discussions and sharing resources, as corporate external pledges to embed positive working practices.

What’s your most recent accomplishment at work?

It was satisfying to pull together a coherent narrative about Ricardo’s ESG (Enivronmental, Social and Corportate Governance) agenda recently, for use in bids and business development. In researching content, I also got to learn more about the company’s ethos and commitments.

What motivates you to go above and beyond at Ricardo?

This month (January 2021) was incredibly hard due to the impacts of the lockdown. There was one week I had to juggle working with homeschooling, looking after a toddler in self-isolation, and a plumbing disaster at home! It really meant a lot that other staff and managers were empathetic and accommodating of these less than ideal circumstances, and of course motivates me to go above and beyond.