Dominic Sheldon: Crisis Consultant

Dominic Sheldon: Crisis Consultant

Read below to find out more about Dominic's thoughts on life as a Crisis Consultant at Ricardo.


What does your average day here look like? 

Varied, stimulating and challenging (in a good way). In the Climate Action Planning & Transparency team, we are fortunate enough to be involved with some fascinating projects where you really feel you are making a difference to the country, state or city you are working with. Because of this, each day is filled with a variety of tasks on a range of topics that mean you are forever finetuning your skills whilst also broadening your knowledge. You might spend your morning supporting a local authority in the UK to manage what declaring a climate emergency means, and in the afternoon be supporting a country in the Middle East in developing their long term strategy to reduce their contribution to global emissions and protect against the worst impacts of climate change.

What makes you go above and beyond at Ricardo? 

The people at Ricardo are truly superb at what they do and working with them makes you constantly strive to be better. You are surrounded by world leading experts, people with immense knowledge in their topic area, highly skilled technicians and communicators, but most importantly, by people that will always find a way to help you and who can readily apply themselves to a broad range of challenges at any one time.

Are you proud to work for Ricardo? Why? 

Yes, Ricardo is world-renowned for the work we do. In the Climate Action Planning & Transparency team we provide unique support to countries, states and cities that need it. This allows us to really make a difference with these clients, build their capacity and help ensure lasting change. I am proud to represent a name that carries such respect.

What do you find most rewarding about working at Ricardo? 

The most rewarding part of working at Ricardo is getting an opportunity to support a client and make a genuine difference to them, the work they do and the people they serve, whilst hopefully making a meaningful contribution to making the planet a little better in the future.