Olivia Carpenter-Lomax: Principal Consultant

Olivia Carpenter-Lomax: Principal Consultant

Read below to find our how Olivia finds life as a Principal Consultant at Ricardo. 


What do you look forward to at work?

I look forward to doing exciting projects and solving tough but important problems. I find consulting suits me really well, because I get to be involved in a huge range of projects based all over the world (though I don’t personally get to travel that much), including technical, innovation and future systems projects, as well as economic and system wide studies.

What does your average day here look like?

Most of what I do is office based (or home-office if there is a pandemic happening…), with a good amount of collaborating and brainstorming with colleagues, partners and clients. But also a lot of sitting in front of analysis software, Excel or Python code. Consultants write a lot of reports and presentations too – and I also do quite a lot of prospecting and bidding work, finding new and exciting projects for us to get involved in. I go to site a little, but it is nothing like when I was a Power Station Engineer, and lived in my overalls! I am also a Team Leader, and so part of my job is to support and develop my team, and make sure they have the right environment, tools and support to do their best work, as well as work towards becoming chartered.

How have you been able to develop your career since joining Ricardo?

Career development is always a mix of building experience, formal training, and coaching support. I have many senior colleagues with experience and skills that they are happy to share to support the development of junior colleagues. There has also been opportunities to lead, including leading and managing projects, being a Team Leader, and taking opportunities to be involved in wider activities in the company to improve and develop the way we do things.