Tom MacGregor: Customer Service Consultant

Tom MacGregor: Customer Service Consultant

Read below to find out what Tom thinks about working at Ricardo. 


What does your average day here look like?

The surroundings are very different at the moment, as they are for most people with the working from home situation currently in place. My average day involves customer interactions and colleague collaboration, which ranges from onboarding new customers to maintaining relationships with current customers. Internally there are links from my team (Customer Service) to the Account Management and Sales teams through to the Data and Emergency Response team. We follow the process to welcome our customers to the service and then go on to provide first class Emergency Response to callers, all the while notifying our clients of incidents and keeping their Procedures and Safety Data sheets up to date.

What do you look forward to at work?

I look forward to interacting with my team and working together to achieve our goals, moulding our department into a stronger position to ultimately provide an even better service to our customers than the high level of service we already provide.

If you had to describe Ricardo as an animal, what would it be and why?

I would describe Ricardo as a bumble bee as, like the bee, we are cohesively and busily working away, pulling in the same direction as the rest of our team. Like the bee, we are also creating a more positive natural environment for the world - Ricardo through its sustainable initiatives and the bees with their pollination. At Ricardo, we have the best hive and if our products and services are the honey, it is the sweetest honey on the market.

If you were to describe our culture with one word, what would it be and why?


There are lots of different sectors and practices within Ricardo all across the world and the progress and change is visible for employees to witness, as the industry is shaped through Ricardo’s innovation and advancements towards a better environment.

Is there a single feature of working here that has exceeded your expectations?

I would say the emphasis on the care of employees at Ricardo is much greater than I have experienced at other workplaces in the past. There are continually opportunities for personal career development through courses and learning sessions, which is one side of the employee care. There is also the personal wellbeing side of Ricardo’s duty of care, by promoting ways to ensure there is help away from the working element, in terms of areas such as mental and physical health. There are flexible working opportunities and employee benefits which, all clubbed together as a package, have exceeded my expectations.