Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I’m pleased to share with you Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) plan for our current Financial Year.  The plan outlines the key elements of how we intend to reach our goal to be a diverse, equitable and inclusive company.

Our aspirations are:

  1. Reduce our Gender Pay Gap and increase the number of women in senior positions
  2. Be reflective of society, increase ethnic diversity and inclusion at all levels
  3. Be actively inclusive of our LGBTQ+ community
  4. To support employees who have or acquire a disability or long term health condition
  5. Support mental wellbeing and neurodiversity
  6. Ensure no gap in opportunities available to those with caring responsibilities
  7. Ensure our leaders of the future understand inclusive leadership and have the skills to support our goals
  8. Listen to our employees via our DEI Forums, and be open with data
  9. Be a champion for DEI in our industry and communities by re-energising our  Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities
  10. Ensure those experiencing the menopause are supported and able to contribute to their full potential

How do we reach these aspirations?

We will reach these aspirations through a range of people led initiatives that aim to increase diversity and inclusion.  Diversity related actions span the whole employee lifecycle, from recruiting, developing and promoting a more diverse range of employees, and ultimately retaining a more diverse range of employees. Inclusion initiatives include our Forums, Internal Communications campaigns, Mosaic – our Internal DEI chat channel, our annual Employee Survey, on demand courses, Leadership training, reverse mentoring and so on.

Diversity Data collection

The initial focus of the plan will be on collecting data from UK colleagues (other countries to follow as local legislation allows). Our business aspires to be an inclusive employer, somewhere people can be themselves, be different from others, be included and feel they belong.  We want to reflect our diverse society and customers we work for, applying different perspectives to problem solving, helping us to be creative and innovative.  For these reasons we want to understand our levels of diversity and inclusion. 
We will continue to use the many employee voice channels to understand inclusivity and belonging.  Both quantitative and qualitative data sources will help us to understand whether we attract, develop, promote and retain employees equally, and hence whether we are succeeding in our goal of being a diverse and inclusive organisation.  

  • All data is anonymised and not used for any purpose at the individual level. We will publish, internally on our intranet, aggregate data on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. 
  • We will use the data to review our recruitment, promotion, development and retention activities.  We will do this to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to reach their potential and our treatment of everyone is equitable. 
  • Aggregate data will be sent to external organisations such as the Tech Talent Charter and Race at Work Charter, where we have committed to support their work and campaigns.  

Tim Curtis
Managing Director
Ricardo Energy & Environment