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The Bristol office recently relocated to a larger office in the busy and vibrant city centre. It has 30 hot desks where members of our Rail, Energy, Climate Change, Water and Environment teams are based. We are a hard-working, friendly bunch who are happy to help each other out.

On an average day, about 20 people hot desk in the office with an increasing number of young professionals joining the various teams. We always look forward to welcoming new starters and colleagues visiting from other offices, so come and join us.

Ricardo is located very much in the corporate consultancy area of Bristol and shares the building with other infrastructure and specialist consultancies.

We like to socialise and often explore the local food scene, including the historic St Nicholas’ Market for lunch or eating outside at Queen Square park in the summer. We have office socials every 2 months, which include evening meals out, sporting activities and recreational events. Previous evenings have included bowling, and pizza, pies and drinks along the Harbourside. Over the next few months we will be bringing out our competitive side at Laser Quest and Jungle Rumble.

On the last Friday of the month, we go out for a ‘pay-day’ lunch. Due to the number of local restaurants and cafés on our doorstep, we never choose the same place twice.

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Bristol Office 21 Prince Street 1st Floor North Bristol BS1 4PH UK T: +44 (0)1235 753 000
Bristol commute


Travel by bus: Bristol has a good bus network, connecting many outer areas of Bristol to the city centre. Bus companies provide many ticket buying options including apps (FirstBus), contactless payment and bulk buying options. Bus travel through Bristol can be slow due to road upgrades being undertaken.

Travel by car: Bristol is situated in a central location for the M4 and M5, with the M32 connecting the M4 to central Bristol. However, the Bristol office has parking space for only two cars available on a bookable basis. There are various park-and-ride routes to central Bristol. As with buses, car travel through Bristol can be very slow, especially during peak travel times.

Travel by train: Bristol has two mainline railway stations, Temple Meads and Parkway. These are served with direct trains from many parts of the country including London, Plymouth, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. There are also many local trains serving smaller stations throughout Bristol. Train travel to Bristol Temple Meads station is recommended as there is only a 15-minute walk to the office.

Cycling: Bristol’s good cycling paths and a large bike storage area in the building make cycling a great option for travel throughout Bristol.

Commute to the office from nearby Towns:

Portishead  30-40 60-70 N/A 40-45
Nailsea  25-35 45-55 N/A 40-45
Caldicot 45-55 135 75-80 120
Weston-super-Mare 45-55 120 50-60 70-80
Bristol commute Bristol commute

Site information

People in the Bristol office make great use of its centralised location, with many walking or cycling to the office. During the working day, several staff like to get out of the office and socialise with colleagues or take part in various active pursuits such as the lunchtime running club, playing squash or taking part in a spin class. The general Bristol vibe is a positive one when it comes to getting involved with sports. Many people are always open and keen to try new activities. Outside of work, people have various hobbies including running, cycling, surfing, skiing, CrossFit, hockey, squash, tennis and much more. As with any city, there is a huge range of sports clubs and an extensive list of societies to get involved with. The Bristol Index is the perfect place to start.

Click here to visit the Bristol Index website

Bristol is a vibrant, exciting city and the office is conveniently located in the heart of the city. There are excellent facilities within walking distance of the office, including a wide range of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, hair salons and sports facilities. For a relaxing lunch break you can soak up the sun in the grand Queen Square or take a stroll around the historic Floating Harbour.

Bristol accomodation


Below are the average costs to buy and rent in towns surrounding the Bristol office:

Bristol city centre:

Average cost to buy (2 bed) = £305,168

Average cost to rent (2 bed) = £1,347 pcm


Average cost to buy (2 bed) = £256,596

Average cost to rent (2 bed) = £863 pcm

Caldicot (Wales)

Average cost to buy (2 bed) = £159,950

Average cost to rent (2 bed) = £676 pcm


Average cost to buy (2 bed) = £167,586

Average cost to rent (2 bed) = £655 pcm


Average cost to buy (2 bed) = £259,242

Average cost to rent (2 bed) = £757 pcm

Bristol Office 21 Prince Street 1st Floor North Bristol BS1 4PH UK T: +44 (0)1235 753 000

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View all vacancies in our Bristol office

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