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The Shin-Yokohama office is located on the 18th floor of a modern building, close to the train station. The station has Shinkansen (the bullet train) which makes it very convenient for business trips in Japan. This is a small office of around 15 people, with a bright, friendly atmosphere and a very nice view of Yokohama city.

Our team is in charge of business operations for our Japanese customers and most of our employees travel frequently to client sites and offices around the country. We enjoy spending time in the office, sharing coffee breaks and lunch together.

In Cherry Blossom season (at the beginning of April) we enjoy having lunch by the river behind our office. We also organise dinners with a few of our employees at recommended local restaurants in the bustling area of Shin-Yokohama.

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Japan Yokohama Office Shin Yokohama Square Bldg. 18F 2-3-12 Shin Yokohama Kohoku-ku Yokohama Kanagawa 222-0033 Japan T: +81 45 471 7622
Japan commute


There are two mainline train stations in Shin Yokohama area: JR (Japan Rail) Shin-Yokohama Station and Yokohama City Metro.

Both stations are approximately a 3-minute walk from the Ricardo Office building.

Commuter Towns nearby:

From Yokohama

10-15 minutes to Shin Yokohama by Yokohama City Metro.

From Tokyo South Area

30-50 minutes to Shin Yokohama by Metro.

Transfers from the Tokyu Toyoko Line or the Denen Toshi Line to JR Yokohama Line are the easiest way to commute to Shin Yokohama from Tokyo city area.

The office does not have parking for vehicles or bikes. However, there are lots of visitor parking spaces around Shin Yokohama Station if you need to commute with your own vehicle or bike.

Japan commute Japan commute

Site information

The Ricardo office is located in a building shared with many other companies, mainly in the automotive, electronic and medical sectors. There are also a number of other companies located within this business district.

There are many fitness clubs around Shin-Yokohama station, and even a swimming pool and sauna only 5 minutes from the office. Most cities in Japan also have lots of major fitness club chains. Some Ricardo Japan team members belong to local sport teams and enjoy playing football, baseball, tennis and other sports.

You can find a convenience store on the bottom floor of the building, and there are plenty of shops and restaurants in the vicinity. Everything you can expect from a modern city is just a short walk from the office.

Japan accomodation


Ricardo Japan's office is located in the centre of Shin Yokohama Business district, which has great transport facilities but not much residential accommodation.

Most of our employees live in Yokohama city or Tokyo south area, where monthly rent for 2 bedroom properties ranges from 800 – 1400 GBP.

Japan Yokohama Office Shin Yokohama Square Bldg. 18F 2-3-12 Shin Yokohama Kohoku-ku Yokohama Kanagawa 222-0033 Japan T: +81 45 471 7622

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View all vacancies in our Japan office

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