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Ricardo Rail's Seoul team have recently relocated to a new office and have welcomed the Ricardo Automotive team to co-share this new and vibrant space.

Ricardo Rail Korea has built a strong reputation in the domestic industry on the back of its 20 talented and experienced consultants whose knowledge and work ethic is Ricardo's competitive advantage.

Ricardo provides a comfortable work environment where collaboration is encouraged. Social gatherings are organised twice a year and team dinners are held quarterly to celebrate success and share knowledge. Recently the team all went to a local baseball game and nearly lost their voices cheering.

South Korea Ricardo Automotive Seoul 40, Teheran-ro 28-gil Gangnam-gu Seoul 06223 T: +82 (0)2 332 7875


Seoul is famous for its range of excellent public transport, including its buses and the subway. It has 14 subway lines extending throughout the metropolitan area.

Yeouido has a huge bus transfer centre, with buses reaching surrounding cities and crossing two metro lines.

The subway transfers to other lines, and the basic fare is ₩1,250/per adult, with extra fares depending on the distances.

Site information

The office building is situated in Yeouido, in the South-western part of Han River in Seoul. Yeouido is the central financial business district where the National Assembly is located. The building is the FKI Tower and is one of the landmarks in Yeouido.

The Seoul office is on the 42nd floor with a beautiful river view. It is also a great vantage point from which to view the global fireworks hosted every October. The complex mall, IFC, is connected through Yeouido subway station. It contains clothing stores, living shops, cafes, bookstores, restaurants, a grocery market and a theatre.

The office location is very close to Yeouido Park and River Park, both of which are great places for jogging and cycling. It is easy to find gyms for indoor exercises like yoga, pilates, personal training, and cross-fit.

South Korea accomodation


Apartments are reasonably priced, with monthly rental and deposits of ₩10,000,000. This of course varies by different locations, with some of the key areas including:

  • Yeouido: ₩750,000 
  • Yeongdeungpo-gu: ₩550,000
  • Dongjak-gu: ₩600,000
  • Mapo-gu: ₩600,000
South Korea Ricardo Automotive Seoul 40, Teheran-ro 28-gil Gangnam-gu Seoul 06223 T: +82 (0)2 332 7875

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View all vacancies in our Seoul office

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