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The Scandinavian Office is a small team of engaged employees with the office located in the heart of Copenhagen.

Our sociable team enjoy regularly eating lunch together and each Friday we socialize over breakfast to catch up our week. From time to time we have team days outside the office, team outings in the summer and our annual Christmas dinner.

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Copenhagen Høffdingsvej 34 DK-2500 Valby Copenhagen Denmark T: +45 25 666 500


The most popular mode of transport in and around Copenhagen is bicycles and so there is a plethora of bike shed facilities around the city. If you are travelling by the car the nearest motorway from the office is Lyngbyveien and there are a number of parking facilities in town. However, if you arrive from the nearest train station (Nørreport station), it is a 10-minute walk to the office. Copenhagen airport is only a 20-minute commute by metro to our office.

The Nørreport station is served by regular direct bus services from many cities. The most inter-Copenhagen busses that are used are A1 + A4.

Train, metro & Bus tickets:

  • www.dsb.dk
  • https://www.rejsekort.dk/?sc_lang=en

Commute from Copenhagen Airport:

  • https://info.parkering.cph.dk/en/buses-trains-and-metro

If you are travelling around in the Copenhagen area in bus, metro or by train on a regular basis, it is beneficial to buy a travel card (Rejsekortet).

Site information

The office is located next to a park and the central square which has shopping facilities. The office is located nearby Nørreport station, which is a junction for the Copenhagen railway and metro. Many restaurants, coffee shops & cafes are located nearby, including the pedestrian main shopping area Strøget.

The office is located in central Copenhagen near the shopping area Strøget which has an abundance of shops to buy local delicacies in Torvehallerne market.

As a capital city, Copenhagen offers a wide range of sports including Fitness, Tennis, Soccer, Swimming etc

You can participate in sports at Svanemøllehallen (e.g. badminton & volleyball) you can also enjoy football at the local club or exercise in one of the nearby parks or fitness centres.

Copenhagen accomodation


Below are the average costs of properties in the local towns surrounding the Copenhagen office:

Houses in Denmark are sold by m2 and the prices are depending on the property market. These average prices are as of April 2018.


Houses: 42,181 DKK /m2 (Danish Krone)


Houses: 34,465 DKK/m2 (Danish Krone)


Houses 33,071 DKKm2(Danish Krone)


Houses: 53,536 m2(Danish Krone)


31,783 DKK/m2(Danish Krone)

As alternative rental is often the financially preferred solution if staying for less than 5 years. The team in Copenhagen can support you on any queries you have.

Copenhagen Høffdingsvej 34 DK-2500 Valby Copenhagen Denmark T: +45 25 666 500

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View all vacancies in our Copenhagen office

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