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The Ricardo Rimini Technical Centre is specialized in Motorcycle concept design and engineering. Our team consists of around 25 employees who collectively have worked together for over 10 years. The team are extremely friendly and passionate about what we do and always welcome new people to the team and visiting colleagues. We love motorbikes and exploring new technologies. Our team enjoy spending time together, having lunch in bars close to the factory or evenings out especially during summer. Italian and English are the main spoken languages, however Spanish and few other languages are spoken by a few of us.

The night and social life in Rimini is second to none in Italy and is well known to tourists from all over the country and across Europe. Its vibrant city centre as well as the beach side during summer time offer an incomparable quality of life. The beautiful hills just outside the city offer fantastic panoramas and curvy roads provide an enjoyable riding experience, whether than be motorcycle or bike. As a Team we often organize evenings out from time to time or motorcycle tours that we can enjoy outside the office.

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Italy - Rimini Ricardo Italia s.r.l. Via Giovanni Pascoli 47 47853 Coriano (RN), Frazione: Cerasolo Italy T: +39 0541 755 009


The Company is located in an industrial estate with plenty of parking space.

There are no major traffic issues, with about 15-20 minutes commute from Rimini and Riccione, 5-10 minutes from Coriano, Cerasolo or the other small villages around the area.

There’s a bus service from Rimini centre, running every 30 minutes with a bus-stop 5 min walk from the office. Unfortunately, there is no train service available in the area.

Our international colleagues will be interested to know that Rimini is well connected to London and all major European cities, thanks to a few international airports nearby:

Rimini – Federico Fellini Airport (RMI)

Bologna – Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi (BLQ, about 1h30min away)

Ancona – Marche Airport (AOI, about 1h away)

Site information

The Ricardo RTC building is located in an industrial area 15 minutes off Rimini. Looking at a wider area, we are part of the Italian “Motor Valley”, which includes Ducati, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

The RTC team enjoying staying active and fit doing various sports including running, cycling, football swimming and, of course, motorcycling. The area offers fantastic natural resources: soft hills with beautiful panoramas and small roads which are ideal for running and cycling. The best time to visit our beaches is during the summer to enjoy the sunny weather, swimming in the sea and play a number of sports: beach volleyball, football and tennis.

Gym, swimming pool, yoga, football and all the team sports are available in the area to keep you healthy and motivated.

For pure petrol heads, the Misano World Circuit is just round the corner, 30 min drive from Rimini city centre.

Cerasolo is a very small village but within a short walk from the office there are plenty of bars and restaurants as well as a small commercial centre with plenty of services (post office, hairdressers) and various shops.

Italy - Rimini Ricardo Italia s.r.l. Via Giovanni Pascoli 47 47853 Coriano (RN), Frazione: Cerasolo Italy T: +39 0541 755 009

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View all vacancies in our Rimini office

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