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There are 221 employees at our Utrecht office, which consists of 2 different companies; Ricardo Nederland BV (206 employees) and Ricardo Certification BV (15 employees) The Utrecht office is headed by the Consulting Director, Netherlands, and the Dutch Management Team including three Business Managers, the HR Manager and the Finance & IT Manager. Most of our colleagues are (technical) consultants and technical specialists. They are distributed over 8 teams, each headed by a Team Manager: Certification, Testing, Procurement Support, Maintenance Management, Operations, Vehicle-Infra systems, Rail Safety and Infrastructure. Besides the operational teams we have the supporting functions: Facility & Environment, Communication, Sales Support, Office Support, Finance, IT.

Ricardo in Utrecht is an open informal organisation where our employees meet flexibility, challenge as well as development. We profile ourselves as a strong organisation with dedicated and driven professionals.

Generally speaking: The Dutch are open minded people. We like to discover the world and meet other cultures. We are not afraid of changes so some colleagues embrace new challenges abroad at other Ricardo offices.

Once a year each team has a team building day and in leisure time some colleagues hang out together. We go out for dinner or a drink. Some colleagues cycle together for charity (Cancer foundation). As employees in the rail business we can join sports events which are organised by www.railsport.nl.

We also have our yearly Christmas dinner, New Year’s reception and once in a while we have a company teambuilding day. Our office is a regular host to several events, e.g. informal get-togethers for network organisations, such as “ZP café” for self-employed consultants, “KiVi-Niria” for rail professionals and various events organized by Young Ricardo consultants.

 Last but not least, each year we participate in the RailSport Event where we combat against teams from other companies in the rail industry.

The Netherlands Utrecht Technical Centre Catharijnesingel 33 3511 GC Utrecht The Netherlands T: +31 (0)30 7524 700


Utrecht Central Station is around a 5 minute walk to our office. We are located in the “Radboudtoren” on the 5th and 6th floor.

We are located near the Central Station down town so there are bus stops on each corner. There are no large motorway facilities downtown but there are some small gas station nearby, especially because we have a lot of scooters in this country.  Please find attached a route description how to get here.

Utrecht is located in the centre of the Netherlands. Every 3 minutes there are trains from all over the country arriving at the central station. Utrecht CS is also a relevant station for international trains, such as the ICE.


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We are located down town Utrecht, in the Hoog Catharijne Shopping Mall Utrecht. It’s a 5 minute walk from Utrecht Central Station. We are surrounded by shops, restaurants and meeting & conference centres but for us the most important fact is that we are very close by to our customers NS (Dutch Railways) and ProRail.

Every 2 years we attend the Rail Tech Exhibition in Utrecht  and once in a while various seminars such as the Spoorwegpakket, Rail School (in Antwerp) and Big Data. As a major European office visit the international train & mobility exhibition Innotrans in Berlin.

There are lots of things to do in the city and the office is located to a number of different facilities such as places to eat, convenience shops, coffee shops, child care facilities etc. You can find there are museums, movie theatres, concerts, music and cultural festivals.

There are a lot of gyms, soccer/tennis/volley clubs and so on in Utrecht. We are one of the biggest cities from Holland.Utrecht is famous for its soccer team FC Utrecht.

Utrecht Technical Centre accomodation


Utrecht is very expensive. After Amsterdam it’s one of the most popular towns for example, students. Prices for a 1 or 2 bedroom(s) flat, personal property, are between € 190.000,= - € 560.000,= and rental flats are between € 1.100,= - € 1.500,= (Not social housing)

The Netherlands Utrecht Technical Centre Catharijnesingel 33 3511 GC Utrecht The Netherlands T: +31 (0)30 7524 700

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View all vacancies in our Utrecht office

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