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The Madrid office is home to a smart team and provides a bright and spacious work-space, we support part-time and flexible working and English as our working language.

Being an organisation that is an equal opportunities employer, we are happy to support and provide a work environment that suits individual requirements.

Spain Madrid Office Agustín de Foxa, 29 9th Floor 28036 Madrid Spain T: + 34 (0) 911 384 720


All of our staff commute to work using public transportation, there is also parking facilities on site. Chamartín station is the closest train station which is a 5 min walk from the Madrid office that is located in one of the most popular business areas in Madrid.

The commute time inside Madrid city is normally 15 minutes if you travel from Barajas Madrid airport to the office you can take a taxi for a fixed price or the railways connects Madrid with the Madrid Barajas airport through the local train network service and it takes only 11 minutes from Chamartín Station.

Site information

The office is connecting to Paseo de la Castellana one of the most important avenues in Madrid leading into the centre of the city, there are major restaurants on either side and interesting buildings. Some of the centre area is green with walk ways. Links up with continuing boulevards and goes past the museums, fountains and fancy stores, as well as hotels and impressive modern architecture.

Madrid accomodation


Below are the average prices of house prices and to rent in local towns surrounding the office:

Madrid, City centre          
Average cost to buy: 195,000
Average cost to rent: a one-bed property is €500pcm and a three-bed property is around €900pcm
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Spain Madrid Office Agustín de Foxa, 29 9th Floor 28036 Madrid Spain T: + 34 (0) 911 384 720

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View all vacancies in our Madrid office

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