Ricardo Energy & Environment Young Professionals Testimonials

Ricardo Energy & Environment Young Professionals Testimonials
Ben Gouldman
Ben Gouldman Analyst Consultant, Infrastructure & Utilities - Water

I joined Ricardo Energy & Environment as an Analyst Consultant within the EIA and Planning team in September 2017. During this time, I have been well supported and have had a range of training and development opportunities. The Young Professionals training programme has been a great opportunity to meet other analyst consultants from different teams in my practice and within wider REE. I have benefitted from the commercial insight and development in consultancy skills, including presenting with confidence. These have given me the confidence and drive to develop myself as an individual and to contribute to my team. I have also benefitted from the cross-practice working initiatives which have really taken off in the past year. This has included working with consultants in the air quality, PSE, TTS on a diverse range of projects, for which I am very grateful. These have provided unexpected opportunities to develop my existing skills and the independence to develop new skills, in challenging environments. For example, I was given the opportunity to independently undertake a CRC site-audit and the responsibility to write up the report. This took me outside of my comfort zone, but I gained a new-found confidence. I look forward to the exciting projects in the coming year.

Katie Moran
Katie Moran Analyst Consultant, Water and Environment

I initially joined Ricardo as an intern in the Water & Environment practice and became a permanent member in November 2017. Shortly after, I attended my first Young Professionals training session of the programme which was an excellent gateway into learning how a consultancy operates, including the business and commercial aspects. I found the programme gave me what I needed to begin my career in environmental consultancy and the training days are a fantastic way to meet other new starters in the company and learn more about how other teams operate and what work they are involved in.

Since joining, I have been involved in a range of projects from Water Resource Management and Drought Plans to a variety of environment surveys including flow monitoring and pollution incident response. I have also been given opportunities to work on a number of energy and air quality projects with teams in other business areas which has enabled me to expand my capabilities and also meet colleagues from across the company. For me, it is the wide range of work that is the most appealing and enjoyable factor about working in consultancy, especially as a recent graduate.

Gratsiela Madzharova
Gratsiela Madzharova Analyst Consultant, Environmental Policy

I joined Ricardo Energy & Environment as an Analyst Consultant within the Environmental Policy team in November 2017, shortly after finishing my Master’s degree. I had the opportunity to join the Young Professionals training programme in my very first week which was a great way to meet other new Ricardo starters across the UK and learn about their experiences so far. It goes without saying that the programme was also great for enhancing my consultancy skills and commercial knowledge. Another thing that I found very valuable about the ‘away days’ was that during the numerous discussions I had the chance to build a better understanding of the way other teams operate, and in some instances, get ideas that could be employed in my own working habits.