Young Professionals

Young Professionals
 James Lewis
James Lewis Data Scientist

I Joined Ricardo Energy & Environment as a Data Scientist in November 2019. Since then I have consistently had opportunity for growth within my role, with opportunities to lead both cross practice projects with the other areas of Ricardo Energy and Environment and also cross group training sessions with the entirety of Ricardo. I get huge exposure to all areas of Ricardo Energy and environment, at this point I have worked teams focused on ; Water, Waste, Renewables, Policy and Emergency. The Young Professionals training programme was/is a great way to meet other analysts from across Ricardo Energy and Environment, especially the Young Professionals days where everyone enrolled onto the course has a day out of the office training on skills such as project management. I have a great team around me who are always willing to offer assistance and advice with problems and are keen to see my progress as fast and as far as possible.

Katie Moran
Katie Moran Analyst Consultant, Water and Environment

I initially joined Ricardo as an intern in the Water & Environment practice and became a permanent member in November 2017. Shortly after, I attended my first Young Professionals training session of the programme which was an excellent gateway into learning how a consultancy operates, including the business and commercial aspects. I found the programme gave me what I needed to begin my career in environmental consultancy and the training days are a fantastic way to meet other new starters in the company and learn more about how other teams operate and what work they are involved in.

Since joining, I have been involved in a range of projects from Water Resource Management and Drought Plans to a variety of environment surveys including flow monitoring and pollution incident response. I have also been given opportunities to work on a number of energy and air quality projects with teams in other business areas which has enabled me to expand my capabilities and also meet colleagues from across the company. For me, it is the wide range of work that is the most appealing and enjoyable factor about working in consultancy, especially as a recent graduate.

Fiona Thompson
Fiona Thompson Sustainability Consultant

I joined Ricardo Energy & Environment as a Consultant within the Circular Economy & Sustainability team in January 2020. During the first few months of my role I have received fantastic support from members of my immediate team, more senior colleagues, and colleagues from the wider Waste practice, which has allowed me to settle into the role very quickly. I’ve been able to bring my knowledge of the packaging industry into the team and provided a new perspective when interacting with clients and during projects. I’ve been given responsibility for leading a number of client projects as part of the larger Zero Waste Scotland delivery project. I’ve also been able to support my team in putting bids together for new clients. It’s a great feeling to know that the team trusts you enough to throw you into the ‘deep end’ so early on in my career at Ricardo. Part of the attraction for me to join Ricardo was being able to get involved in projects which sit outside of your comfort zone, so that you can continue to learn about new subjects and build on existing skills. I’ve been fortunate to support a key project with the water industry and help facilitate a workshop event within the first few months of my role. I’m looking forward to help tackling the challenges we will face within the sustainability sector in the future.